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Need to replace 7 year old Stylus C66. Just need the same. Cheap.

Anyone got a link to a entry-level inkjet printer deal somewhere? Price is the main factor here. I just need a basic printer to print something maybe a few times a month. Don't care about speed. All printers are the same to me, and I only print a few times a month.

Ideally, I tend to buying things that are few models old off Ebay. I never need latest/greatest. I still have my Epson Stylus C66 from 2004. The printer was cheap, and I had lots of options of Ebay to buy cheap generic ink in bulk. To put it in perspective, I don't care about latest/greatest, and I'd even buy the same exact 7 year old Stylus C66 again, if I got a good price on it.

Why? My C66 permanently started printing "jagged" and the cleaning options stopped working. I've put off buying a new printer... Instead, for the last year, I just email documents to work for printing. (maybe a few times a month, at best)
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    This one is decent (Epson NX515):

    People complain about how it burns ink, though if you change the setting to draft for most printing and then turn up the quality only if you need it, the ink lasts as long as any other printer I've had.

    What I like about it is it's always worked when I needed it to; even if I've been in a hurry. I used HPs for years before this one and it always seems like I'd have to reset them or they'd lose their capability to share to other PCs when I needed them most. I've had the NX515 for at least two years and it's been solid.
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