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Here is my situation:)

I've had windows 7 encrypted files (my backups) on regular IDE disk, on partition of course.
When i was formatting my main hard drive, i've assidently deleted whole partition with that encrypted data. (deleted wrong partition by mistake)

Is there any way i can recover whole partition or at least some. I have my decryption key saved.

Thank you very much!

Kind regards
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  1. You can try this freeware to recover your data:
    Or you prefer to use a specific deleted partition recovery tool:
    Note for you:
    1. Stop using this disk right now to avoid overwriting the original data. Any new data on it may decrease the chances of successful data recovery.
    2. Save your recovered files on a different storage device in case of recovery failure.
    3. Always back up you data in the future.
    4. Create a new partition after the recovery process.
  2. i think i've formatted whole encrypted partition :) and after that i did not tried to create new partition. ive just unmounted it from system till i find solution :)

    thx for so fast answer
  3. mybe my question wasnt quite clear:

    Ive had encrypted partition, with windows 7 encrpytion system...
    Then ive removed partition (deleted it)

    should i make another partition on that disk, would recovering be easier?
  4. It's very unlikely that you will be able to recover your encrypted data. Recovery tools will not be able to see any files for recovery, only random noise due to the encryption. BitLocker (you did say you were using native encryption) doesn't simply encrypt the files but encrypts the entire volume in 16KB chunks. There is no recognizable filesystem left behind on an encrypted, locked volume. Now, if all that was done was to delete the partition then it <may> be possible to restore the partition table to its former self using recovery tools. However, if you formatted the partition as you indicated earlier then you can kiss the data goodbye.
  5. yeah ive thought so.. this bitlocker complicated things for me. ah well

    thank you guys for yours help ;)

  6. InR said:
    ....this bitlocker complicated things for me....

    That's the whole point of encryption, to prevent exactly what you're trying to do.
  7. well, usually when some1 wanna heck your computer, he doesnt delete partition first right :D hehe thx for help guys. i gave up :)
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