Help with connecting the monitor to ps3

i have a hp s2032 flat screen monitor

here in the video under it shows that there can be two inputs in the lcd

and it can connect to the monitor with the help of a cable

but again i donot have the monitor with 2 inputs

any clue as to what to do
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  1. you just stated that in the video the monitor had two inputs, but your monitor does not. this means that you would need either a switch or a splitter.

    check to make sure your monitor is hdcp compliant as the ps3 requires this. if it is not then you could get no picture (or other issues maybe).
  2. how do i check that, any clue

    if hdcp is hdmi input then no it doesnt have hdmi input
    its a normal vga connection
  3. If your monitor only has a vga input, you need a ps3 vga adapter. It would use the same output port from your ps3 as you'd use for component cables, and you don't really need hdcp - I think that's only necessary for watching blu-ray movies at full resolution, not for playing games on the ps3.
  4. so all i need is the hdmi to vga cable ??

    what about the sound, and also everytime i will have to remove the cable from outside and replug when i want to use the desktop
  5. actually, you need a special ps3 to vga cable - hdmi is pure digital and can't be converted to vga (analog) with just a cable. the ps3 has a separate output that can take cables with composite, component, or vga (+3.5mm audio, I'm guessing).

    As far as unplugging and replugging the cable, you could get a KVM switch, such as this:
    You probably wouldn't need the usb ports of that, but you could still use the vga and audio inputs, and switching the monitor between pc and ps3 would just be a button push.
  6. @mauve

    i dont know which features the ps3 requires hdcp for but from the little bit of research i did on the issue it appeared like the general consensus for no image displaying on screen was non-hdcp-compliance. if i remember correctly this affected even a few games, but its been a few months so i'm not sure.
  7. The ps3 supports component and vga output, neither of which supports hdcp to begin with. If it refuses to show the image over hdmi with a non-hdcp-compliant display, I can believe that, but it's not the correct way of handling it. I believe a failed hdcp handshake is supposed to result in lower resolution (480i/p), not a complete lack of image.
  8. @ mauve cloud

    bud i did a little searching

    is this the same ?
  9. alaap988 said:
    @ mauve cloud

    bud i did a little searching

    is this the same ?

    That one doesn't handle the audio switching, you might prefer a manual switch, and I'd worry about the reviews that say it sometimes needs a power connection purchased separately.
  10. dude, the problem in all this is i live in india, mumbai
    and i really have to dig deep to search for these things, that i really have my doubts that i will get here

    any clue what to do
  11. bud, do u know that 1dollar = 46 rupees

    and also if i take two of these i can afford a new monitor :)), its almost 55$

    anyway, there is this one place in mumbai where i can find this for a cheaper price, the good part is that it is available in india
    so i can very well try at a few places and check out the prices

    so yea man thanks a lot, also i will keep buggin you about this if i cant seem to figure out something
  12. bud forgot to ask you
    is there any switcher with a hdmi input ??

    and also on dealextreme they are giving me shipping all the way here in india
    so if you could give me some link of a similar site i would be glad bud
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