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Hello, A long time ago (round October of last year) a friend took control of my laptop. I punched my screen in anger (He also disabled my mouse for awhile) while he had control of my mouse. I had to get a portable mouse. I put them in a USB port thing. I must have hit it, 'cause something broke inside, allowing me not to use it anymore. I was like "No worries, I have two more". Now it's June, and I have the other two drives are broken. (All the USB ports Things are phsyically damaged) Um, What else...Is there a way to fix it? Should I get a new computer? Is there a portable non wire mouse I can use, or a mouse that doesn't use the USB port for a laptop? (For instance, A wireless mouse?)
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  1. If the laptop has a PCMCIA slot you can get a card with USB sockets on it.
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