Toslink type help (still urgently) needed (please look atleast)

I really need help determining the type of Toslink I have on my mobo/receiver. If it helps, I have the Asrock Z68 Pro 3 Gen3, and an Accurian ASR-5046. The Toslink on my receiver looks so much more bigger than on my mobo, and I think I have a mini Toslink on my motherboard, but I don't know because it looks like a regular toslink, but smaller. Here are some pics:


(sorry it's blurry)

Like I said- I need some real good help, I don't want to get the wrong cable, wait a week, and have it be wrong. Thanks :D
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More about toslink type still urgently needed please atleast
  1. Mini toslink looks exactly like an 1/8" minijac.
    It's normal sized.
  2. If their both normal sized, why is one much bigger than the other?
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    the only thing i can think of, is if your board came with some sort of adapter. There have only been two types of Toslink connections that are official.
  4. ok I think I sorted it out. Thanks.
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