90nm Athlon 64 Winchester pic, 4000+ in sep/oct

<A HREF="http://www.vr-zone.com/?i=966&s=1" target="_new">from VR-Zone</A>.
if this is true, it seems things are about to get real ugly (more ugly) for intel at least for the Y4Q4-Y5Q2 time frame.

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  1. Sweet.

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  2. Intel's probably praying that AMD's 90nm transition is just as rough as their Prescott.

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    goddamn that is sexy!

    imagine 3.2ghz A64's :)

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  4. There aren't a lot of socket 754's on that roadmap. I thought AMD was going to continue supporting it until 2005 at least.
  5. HAHAHAHA a 3.2ghz a64 would pwn intel so much rofl.

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  7. Same for me.

    I'm hoping to buy an AXP 2400+ in this month

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    Still a cool chip (well I hope it runs cool)

    Dichromatic for your viewing plesure...
  9. Are the A64 mobile pin compatible with desktop mobos? I mean, can you do the same trick as with Barton mobile?

    Still looking for a <b>good online retailer</b> in Spain :frown:
  10. There was a lot of discussion about the Mobile Athlon 64 and they seems to not be the overclocker's dream. They overclock not much more than classic A64.

    You can do a search in the CPU and CPU overclocking board you will find a couple of thread on this subject.

    Some THGC users bought them and they got good overclocking, but not worth the price difference.

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  11. Hmm, doesn't that look a like lot an NB? Too bad there's no pic of the pin-side.

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  12. yes intel is shitting. amd will take over within a year. LMAO!!!
  13. Where are they going to get the production capacity to over take Intel? Since last I checked they need to sell an immense amount of CPU's to "overtake" Intel. With considerations that IBM is struggling with 0.09u I doubt AMD's attempt will resolve any of my doubt.

    On a side note the Pentium M is now being produced on 0.09u with no issues associated with leakage or excessive heat.


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