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Hi guys!
So I'm purchasing that laptop, but I am going to use it in college. I want it to run a wide variety of applications and multimedia, and play games while I'm away or on vacation. The reason I want this laptop for college is because I feel that (laptop)gaming powerhouses can outperform any other kind of laptop, I want the best performance and functionality, and I want to occasionally play games. So these kind of laptops fit my preferences. Am I wrong is this a bad choice and do you guys have any recommendations for me? Thank you so much!!
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    Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    G73 is a great choice,however if you want a 15" laptop with the same power,check the Sager NP8690(it has less battery life though)
  2. Thank you :)

    Is there something just as good as these laptops but not termed a "gaming" laptop? Like a regular laptop in the mid $1000's range that has awesome specs but is not considered a "gaming" laptop?
  3. Well you can get the ASUS G60 which has i5/GT 360M for $900(from bestbuy)but i strongly recommend getting the G73 instead(which has a $1200 model in bestbuy),because having a faster CPU,VGA and more RAM is worth the extra cash IMO.
  4. I was originally going to get the $1400 model from best buy(another 500g hd and 2g more ram) but the screens are different, and less quality on their models. For instance the resolution for the models at Best Buy are 1600x900, while where I'm ordering it on, it is 1920x1080. Also they lie about the video memory. I've had run ins with them before so I don't trust them.
    So I'll purchase it on with an extended warranty. thanks so much!
  5. I just wanted to note that there are cheaper version of G73 too :)
    Xoticpc is a great site with a great customer feedback and offers the best G73(in terms of specs)with customizations,so go for it
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