Bush MP3 Player Just Flashes Colours At Me

Hey Guys,

I got a young family member a Bush MPK4312BUK for their birthday and am now trying to load songs onto it. I've charged it for the 4 hours recommended and have copy/pasted an MP3 file onto it to try and get it to work. However, taking it out of the computer and trying to listen to it results in the screen just flashing different colours at me (no menu on pressing any of the buttons) and no music playing. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any help!

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  1. I get the same problem with that MP3 bro, I got one for Christmas... It works but only just. Here is a list of things that make it officially the worst mp3 ever.

    Its slow, really slow.
    Menu is confusing and slow.
    Turning the equalizer on looses latency and makes it sound all garbled.
    When you go to continue a long hour long mix of an mp3 after you've turned it off it produces the error "Player format error"
    Battery life is really rubbish, almost dead and only listened to it after 4 hours.

    All in all, its terrible. I expected more from BUSH but apparently they are just playing the market spending as little as possible and selling the most it can for just the brand name.

    If you want a really decent MP3 player I highly recommend the Kubik Evo 8GB MP3 Player with SD Card!

    You buy an 8GB MP3 player, thats pretty good for £30... then you can buy an SD Card on top of that. You can currently get upto 64GB which eliminates the need for an iPod! - 72GB of pure music, excellent functionality, EQ is pretty good, WAV, WMA, OGG and MP3 support. MP4 video also.

    Its loud, and the seek function is superb. You can skip through tracks that are long in minutes to the point you want to go. Only problem is that you can turn it off and it will be in the same place when you turn it on again, despite the breakpoint player funtion.

    One last best thing about this is it has a ultra low power consumption - up to 20 hours playtime from a single charge!!!

    If your willing to spend £60 on a decent mp3 this is the one to get honestly. Its the best but most underrated MP3 on the market! :)
  2. **MicroSD Card ---NOT SD Card. :D

    -In regards to your problem though, Try and update the firmware in the settings menu.. Hopefully this should make a difference.
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