Beats by Dre phone cord issues

I just bought some beats studio recently and i use it to listen to music on my blackberry and laptop. It works pretty fine with the red audio cord but when i use it with the black audio cord (phone cord), sound comes out from only one side. Any suggestions what the problem could be?
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  1. red audio cord?
    black audio (phone)cord?

    what connection ends are you talking about?

    *IF* we are talking about a standard 3.5mm cord which then splits to the left and right side then you might have a broken wire or bad connection. the beats are well known for having this issue and having an issue where the earcup mount breaks.
  2. This is definitely just an issue with the black cable. ssddx is correct in stating that one of the paired wires inside the cable is broken. Unless you have soldering and technical experience I would recommend buying a replacement.
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