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I have a problem which has been disturbing me for a while.
When i listen to music on my computer, i notice that in each song, certain sounds are missing. For example, in this particular song:
at 5:04, you should be able to hear a part of drums and guitar playing. My speakers produce the drums' sound only. I'm able to tell that because i can hear that sound coming from the lame mono speaker of my mp4 player. But no, not from my stereo speakers.
I tried using different combinations of: two sets of speakers and 2 subwoofers, but nothing worked, so i can't tell what the root of the problem is.
I'd be really glad if someone could help me with this problem and maybe find a solution(besides buying a new set) or maybe just tell me what causes this problem.
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    Without knowing what speakers you have I will try to give you some ideas. First make sure that your soundcard is set correctly. If it is set for surround sound some sounds will not be heard as there is no speaker connected.
    The speakers themselves may have a problem such as a blown midrange or tweeter. When this happens in one of a pair it can be hard to pin down so download some 20-20k pink noise as a test and listen to each speaker with this hissing type of sound. Both speakers should sound the same if they are working properly.
  2. Hey, thanks for the help!
    The soundcard is set properly, on stereo.
    I downloaded the file and it seemed about the same on both of the speakers.
    I should have mentioned that alongside the speakers, i also use a subwoofer. The speakers and the soundcard are connected to the subwoofer.
    I've managed to borrow a subwoofer from a friend, and it worked fine with my speakers(i could hear the missing sounds). So i assumed the problem could be caused by the cable that connects the subwoofer with the PC, because i also noticed that if i move it(the cable) a little bit, one speaker becomes muted and i have to "play" with the cable in order for the speaker to work again.
    The cable has two connections(one for the sub and one for the PC) and a volume adjuster between them. Could this cable cause the problem?If so, is it possible to fix it or replace it?
  3. I fixed the problem! I replaced the cable that connects the subwoofer and the soundcard with another cable. And now i can hear all of the instruments! :)
    Thanks for the help!
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