Troubleshooting Polk Audio Subwoofer Issues

I recently found a nice Polk Audio subwoofer (RM6000BD), and have been trying to get it working with a pair of pretty old JBL speakers I own. I know for a fact that the speakers work, and yet they do not function when plugged into this unit. I plugged the sub into my computer, and get perfect bass, but the sub is not communicating with the 2 speakers so I get no higher sound.

Any ideas on what's wrong? Is it likely that the speaker wire connections on the sub are faulty?
I'm not very familiar with home audio - is it worth taking the sub apart to try repairing the issue?
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  1. What is powering the JBLs? The sub has a built in amp to only drive the sub and not other speakers I believe.

    So that would mean you need am amp to drive the JBLs.
  2. Ah that might explain things.
    Any way to power a pair of power-less speakers other than plugging them into a receiver?
  3. Nope, you need an amp of some kind.
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