Windows 7 Clean install stuck on start-up screen. Please help!

So I had finally got my first build ever running a few hours ago. Was so excited. I used the program wintoflash to copy my windows installation cd to my flash drive. Popped the flash drive in my new rig and booted it up. It went to installation and took a bit of time to completely install. As it restarted after install the windows startup came up and was continuously going for quite some time and never stopped. So where I am at is that I cant get past the start up screen.

I have tried so much. I pulled out the second stick of ram, the gpu.. ran memory check with no errors, tried re installing windows in many ways (different partitions).I tried running in safe mode but it just gets stuck at disk. The only thing I knoticed is that windows 7 installs faster the second time around, even after deleting all the memory on the hard drive (advanced option during install). I have browsed the web and nothing has helped. Just got a new mobo after replacing the last defected one today, so that cannot be the problem. Completely and utterly frustrated to be presented with another speedbump after all this hard work to get it running. Can anyone help me? I really want to actually use what I paid for. Thanks guys.

My rig:
Intel i-5 3rd gen.
Kingston hyperx 2x8gb
AsRock b75m-dgs motherboard.
nvidia gt 440
Western Digital Caviar 250gb 7200.
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    First, reformat the drive, and don't use any free programs to copy windows installations, etc. Don't use any free downloads to interfere w / windows.
    Don't you have a DVD drive on your computer? Just put the disk in the drive.
    Set the bios to boot the DVD drive first. You probably need to do this.
    Put the disk in and start the computer.
    If you have to, connect a DVD drive temporarily. Then load your OS, and disconnect it after...
  2. check your hard disk and the copy of windows that you have
    then go with the stapes mentioned by Soundguruman
    hope you solve it out dear
    one thing more: be sure that you are installing you Operating System on C: drive because i had a situation when i tried to install windows 7 on different partition (D: drive)
  3. If your going to instll from USB, then sue the offical M$ software to copy the install to USB @

    When installing, make sure your using a USB2 port, as some system that have USB3 ports don't get detected properly until the driver is installed.
  4. Thanks all. I don't have a dvd drive because unfortunately my mobo doesn't have an ISO hookup. I ended up figuring it out. Swapped out my refurbished hard drive and put in my 1tb seagate barracuda. Loaded OS from flash onto it and it worked just fine! Thanks for the help though!
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