LCD monitor burning smell

I have
Video card: Sapphire HD 5770

Monitor 1: Samsung T220 (3 years old) -- DVI cable -- Active DVI to Display port adaptor -- Video card
Monitor 2: Samsung 226BW (6 years old) --DVI cable -- Video card
46" Sony LCD TV (1 year old) -- HDMI cable -- Video card

2 weeks ago I bought the HDMI to display port adaptor.
Usually the TV is off and disabled because I only use it to watch videos on.
SO Monitor 1 and 2 are always on, and have been together for 3 years just fine.

These past 2 weeks Monitor 1 has refused to turn on after waking up from sleep mode. Calalyst lets me know the display port monitor is being a bitch. So I just unplug the display port adaptor from the card and plug it back in. It works just fine after that. No big deal with monitor 1. (Trying to provide as much recent info as possible)

HOWEVER! this morning when I turned on the computer, Monitor 2 was looking all crazy like a messed up CRT. The resolution was way off and even off center (black bar on one side), and there was crazy waving distortions all over the screen! I had a monitor-hardware-style message telling me "1680x1050 resolution 60hz not supported", when this is its native setting. After turning it off and on a few times it worked just fine again for the whole day.

Next, when I was leaning over Monitor 2, just moments ago to clean up some cables, I could smell a VERY distinct burning smell from the monitor 2. Like the smell of a candle that had just been blown out. And it made me feel sick to smell it even for those few seconds. I can't smell it while sitting down.

I do not normally smell my monitors so... ANYWAY, long question short --> Does this smell + messed up situation in the morning mean something bad? The picture looks fine, but if this burning smell is not normal and the symptoms sound like its going to burst into electrical fire.. I would like to know. It is 6 years old after all. The display port cable addition to monitor 1 was the only recent change.

If it's time to chuck the screen for safety reasons then that's fine by me.
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  1. It sounds like the power supply in the monitor is going out. It could last a while, or be dead in a few minutes! Unless you are an electronics tech the cost to repair the power supply is not worth it.
  2. It seems your monitor 2 is causing electrical problems with your motherboard which in turn is messing with the graphics card/chip. which of coarse messes with monitor 1. Get rid of your monitor 2, it is burning up. That smell is the condenser or whatever it's called in the monitor that regulates the power getting so hot that it is burning the coating off the components in the condenser. It is also damaging your motherboard and graphics card/chip. Also, dispose of it properly. Not just the trash. And unless you want it to start a fire, I would remove it from power now and use it as an end table or foot rest or something.
  3. Nocturnal Lunacy said:
    That smell is the condenser or whatever it's called. . .

    Most likely an electrolytic capacitor, those little aluminum cans. But they used to be called condensers in the old days ;)
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