Hotmail Update!

For all of you who have Hotmail:

Coming soon!
MSN Hotmail Upgrade
Summer: Virus cleaning of incoming email

Fall: 250MB of storage for
your Inbox

Fall: Send/receive up to 10MB of attachments
Keep checking here to
learn more!
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  1. Humm... Does this mean something in a CPU forum?

    It's tricky to use words like <b><font color=green>AMD</font color=green></b> or <b><font color=blue>Intel</font color=blue></b> in a signature some users could think your are biased.
  2. Thanks Mr. Gates!

    <b>56K, slow and steady does not win the race on internet!</b>
  3. Yeah I heard about that :)

    <A HREF="" target="_new">clan CHAOS</A>
  4. is this going to be a post for ppl to get there post count up?

    If u do things right.... People won't be sure you've done anything at all......
  5. I have 25MB with my Hotmail now. Cost free. Old news on Hotmail going to 250MB.
  6. im still going to move to gmail, i never liked hotmail anyway...
  7. spam mail

    Basic Specs:
    Amd Xp 2500+
    Abit Nf7-s Ultra nforce 2
    Geforce Fx 5700 ultra ddr2 ram
    Samsung 19" SyncMaster 955df
  8. Vons currently has a special on Mint Milano cookies where you save $0.69 with your club card.

    <i><font color=blue>Edited by Scamtron on 10/11/01 09:58 PM
  9. Quote:
    Thanks Mr. Gates!

    Correction: Thanks Gmail!

    <A HREF="" target="_new">My Website</A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new">My Rig</A> & <A HREF="" target="_new">3DMark score</A>
  10. I may go there. Gmail. Yahoo to much spam everyday.
  11. You hogging them? Or passing them around.
  12. I ate most of them. I have a stomach ache now...

    <i><font color=blue>Edited by Scamtron on 10/11/01 09:58 PM
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