For Logitech x530 5.1 users,Need help about mine!!!

I just purchased Logitech x530 5.1 few days ago and I am kinda disappointed :(
From what I read on internet feedbacks from users and reviews everywhere, that these speakers can deliver very loud sound and huge bass at good quality that you won't be able to put them on Max because IT WILL BE VERY LOUD.The problem is in my case that I feel the sound and bass are not very high as they should be.

After I tested the speakers , Now I put the sub woofer and Right Speaker on Max and control sound volume through Windows.At 50% volume in Windows ( both sub woofer and speakers on Max) , bass starts to be noticeable and strong in my room but below that the bass is very weak.For all Volume on Max,well I can say the sound is fine but not loud as what people were saying about how strong are the speakers.

Second thing,when I put volume in the Right Speaker on Max , I hear a noisy tone coming out from speakers when I am not playing anything on my computer ?

Is that okay or there is something wrong because I am really confused ? pls Help :(

My Configuration of speakers : I put all of speakers in front of me 3 on computer table , 2 on wall.

I am using on-board sound of GA-Z77X-D3H.
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  1. i'm not sure if it is the exact model you have but i have a set which looks almost identical that i purchased 8-9 years ago and for the $99 i paid when i purchased it i thought it more than performed.

    i had it in a 12x14 room and it was more than powerful enough. it was loud enough to hurt my ears or to hear it from 40-50ft away. i used to turn it on when i was doing some housework and even far away the volume was still loud enough to hear comfortably. also, having the speakers in an enclosed space will make them seem louder than in an open area. for instance if you sit along the wall in a large room lets say 20x30 living room then they will not seem as loud as if you sat in a 12x14.

    remember, everyone has different perceptions on loudness. for example if you listen to comfortable volumes often then yes they might seem overly loud. however, if you like to listen to music at very high volumes for extended periods of time then you might have some hearing damage which might make the speakers seem adequate but not too loud.

    remember there are 3 volume controls not 2.

    *windows volume control
    *volume knob on right speaker
    *application volume control

    i normally keep my application volume control about max and adjust just the two others.

    what type of noise do you hear? is it a hissing or crackle sound? my set used to make a similar noise when it was set to maximum (which was almost never). i am not sure if it was electrical noise coming from the computer or something wrong with the speakers. considering the speakers are still working to this day, i dont think its a problem.

    again, i have a pair which looks almost identical i bought for $99 8-9 years ago... not sure if they are the exact model or not but logitech in general has done very well. a relative recenty bought a $30 2.1 setup and even that little subwoofer is rather loud.

    just my opinions..
  2. You are using some odd settings here for the volume levels.

    Set Windows volume to 100%, adjust the speaker volume to play how loud you want them. And keep in mind that whatever program you are using also has a volume control, that should be at 100% also.

    If you have the speakers at max volume, hearing something out of them when nothing is playing is normal. Plus you have a good chance of damaging the speakers. I never need to set any of my speakers past 40% max to hear anything pretty loud even across the room.

    If you are not using the surround speakers behind you, might as well disconnect them, they are useless to be used in front. Just use the Sub, mid and two left and right speakers.
  3. Right now,I really feel sad and sometimes i get nervous and angry after reading your and others posts about the speakers as i go to listen to speakers at 50% and 100% seeing the total difference between you and me.

    I agree that the looking of these speakers is great and special ,but unfortunately that is the only thing i can say for true about these speakers because in my case I can say that the performance doesn't match the looking of speakers at all and hence the price also.
    As these speakers supposed to be unmatched to that other commercial speakers which have local brands and come at low prices.ِActually,after i tested the speakers for some days I thought that it would be better if i saved some cash and got one of these.

    My room is nearly close to yours it is about 3.5x4.5 meter.You said it you almost never set it to maximum and it has been for 8-9 years.For me,Every day when I have time i test my speakers first at 50% till reaches maximum.when you said you almost NEVER set it to maximum for 8-9 years.

    About different perceptions on loudness, yes i know that is why it makes more difficult to know unlike any other hardware : cpu , vga , ram , .... can be checked and tested by software,Is there one for testing outputs and performance of speaker set?so we can compare my and your results.
    but again,it is not only my opinion ,my brother too and other people who come to my house they said it is Ok nothing more nothing less.I think anyone if listen to any kind of speakers, can tell they are really great and loud or just like any other normal speakers nothing special about it.
    That is my thought about the speakers sound , NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT IT.

    About the noise, it is a hissing sound and it is louder when i set the knob at the lowest.

    About the sound control setting , somebody told me the same thing you said and i am working like that right now.

    -How much do you usually set for bass volume in Sub Woofer enough to feel bass and bass becomes strong?
    -How much do you usually set for speaker volume while watching movie or listening to music and sitting on pc?
    -How much do you usually set for speaker volume while listening to music and you are away from pc doing something?
    -What would you suggest me to do if you were me?
    I live in Egypt and i bought my speakers from a retail shop here for PC ,So maybe the quality comes to my country isn't as other have or am I wrong?

    Sorry about the long talk and excuse my bad English.
  4. Those speakers are not the best 5.1 set you can get, they are good, but not amazing. If you want to get a super amount of bass and loudness you need one of these

    I have a set of an older version of those speakers, I have NEVER had to turn them up past 30%. I set the bass at maybe 30-40% of it's max level when alone and 10-20% when others are in the rooms next to me.

    Your #1 issue is probably how you have your system setup for sound levels.

    The speakers I use on my main PC are these
    While a very highly rated set, they are 1/2 the power of your system. I never turn those up past 50% unless for some reason the level of the source is very low. At 50% you can hear these things from 2 rooms away.

    You are either expecting your speakers to sound like a 200 watt $300 set or have your settings not ideal.
  5. Well,I didn't say i wanted a super amount of bass and loudness,but responsible amount of bass and loudness sound regarding the price of speakers.Not sound and bass that aren't much better than a cheap stereo speakers that 1/4 cheaper :pfff:

    I certainly missed reading (2 & 3 out of 5) eggs feedback before buying the speakers,That was a fault but of course a lesson to learn.

    Here are some of feedback,giving the same opinion of mine.
    Cons: Sound quality is not what I expected. Without any master EQ from your soundcard, they sound terrible - tinny highs and mostly cupped-over sounding mids. With a lot of EQ tinkering, you still get an absolutely terrible midrange sound out of these. I've tried to EQ them until they sound good, but the cheap stereo speakers and subwoofer on my old PC sounded much better.

    ons: First the lows are very poorly represented by the weak sub,and the speakers carry NO lows or mids so most the sound is dependant on the sub which isnt that powerful. In effect all the music sounds dead, and blandI Don't personally recommend this to people who love quality...

    Other Thoughts: Tested these with every kind of music, and they were alright but I prefer to save my money and buy something powerful, and clean.

    That is exactly what happened with me !!
    Comments: I had an Altec Lansing 2.1 speakers and this system was way below the quality those were. The bass fizzes and the sound comes out soft and muffled. I don't know how anyone could write a positive review about these speakers. I was truly dooped by all the positive reviews. But this has been a learning experience. I will never trust reviews on the internet, rather its best to "see it and then believe it" and go to actual stores and view the items

    What speakers you have saying that you never had to turn them up past 30% ? Z906 or X-530? Cuz I am kinda lost though your post.
    What do you mean by "How you have your system setup for sound levels"?
  6. beno said:

    What speakers you have saying that you never had to turn them up past 30% ? Z906 or X-530? Cuz I am kinda lost though your post.
    What do you mean by "How you have your system setup for sound levels"?

    I have 3 speakers that I use, the older Cambridge Soundworks, M-Audio AV-40 and Logitech Z-560 THX.

    Even using the lower power Cambridge Soundworks, as long as the source audio is not at a low level, I never had to turn them past 30 or 40% level.

    By the sound levels meaning that your Windows and media player volume is turned up to 100% and you are using the speaker volume to regulate how loud it is.
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    as i said, my speakers look similar to the ones you have. i am not sure of the actual model number. they may be an older model of what you have and the specs definitely may have changed.

    my experience with logitech is that generally you get what you pay for. they are not the best speakers in the world but are moderately priced for what you get. figure that $100/6 = $16.66 per speaker (and sub). although they are muddled (when compared to the $1200 equipment i use now) i never once thought bad about my decision.

    a relative recently bought the cheap 2.1 $40 set and is pleased with the purchase as well. good price, good value. not the best set but good enough.


    what is it that you expect out of your speakers?

    if you are an audiophile you might be best served by home theater or professional speakers hooked up into an amplifier instead of a pc speaker set. the power output will be quite a bit more then small pc speakers can muster.


    as far as newegg reviews go... you need to take them with a grain of salt. quite a few people are just angry because they expect too much for a product or they compare it unfairly to other products with different price points.

    what i normally do is read both the good, bad, and neutral comments to try and get a feel for overall product quality. the best thing to do is to listen to speakers in a store to hear for yourself.


    the easiest way to set up your sound is this...

    window volume 100% (go into the advanced panel)
    application volume 100%
    set any soundcard eq to default and make sure your soundcard does not have its own sound volume (which normally replaces the windows icon)

    have your speakers knob set to 0 and when playing sound gradually turn them up.

    from there you should be able to get a good baseline of where you want to tweak your settings. i usually modifify application settings individually since i want some louder than others.


    speakers normally hiss when the volume knob is set to max. perhaps there is electrical interference noise inside your case causing this and not the speakers?

    you can try plugging in a phone, ipod or other 3.5mm output device to the LF/RF speaker input and seeing if they hiss. (unplug the rest from your pc). if they hiss even at low volumes it might be a bad speaker set. by maxing out sound on your device you can also see how the sound output compares when you take away any complicated pc sound settings.

    just an idea.
  8. @ssddx
    quite a few people are just angry because they expect too much for a product or they compare it unfairly to other products with different price points.

    -Yes , I can say you are right because this what happened with me.The speakers are fine but it is just me that overrated it too much :p

    -So,back to the sound settings .. If I am going to use the speakers knob all the time to adjust the volume, Wouldn't this be not recommended or advised as the knob would go softer and lose its tension by time due to many times of use? just saying according to my experience with my old speaker set.
    Now,I keep my speaker knob at nearly 50% and adjust the sound through windows volume.
  9. i understand how easy it is to overrate something after reading reviews. i've had multiple products which did not meet my expectations over the years. in most cases i just returned the products and had to step up to the next price bracket to get what i wanted. as long as it fits your budget to do so.

    i left the windows volume control alone and just tweaked a few programs settings for volume (since i might have multiples playing at once, ie music during gaming). most of my volume adjustment was through the volume knob on the speaker.

    i did my fair share of volume adjusting and in the knob still is free turning with just a slight bit of resistance just as it was on day one. i suppose if you are turning it excessively it might wear out but i never had any trouble with my model.

    i suppose you could do the same thing by keeping the speaker knob set constant and adjusting the windows volume. having keyboard shortcut keys for vol +, vol - and mute would make this easy. it was my preference to turn the knob. your choice as long as everything is working okay for you.
  10. beno said:

    -So,back to the sound settings .. If I am going to use the speakers knob all the time to adjust the volume, Wouldn't this be not recommended or advised as the knob would go softer and lose its tension by time due to many times of use? just saying according to my experience with my old speaker set.
    Now,I keep my speaker knob at nearly 50% and adjust the sound through windows volume.

    You will maybe move the knob once a day, if that. It will be fine with you using it all the time. You may was well worry about the mouse button wearing out because you are using it to click on the volume selection. I've had some very cheap speakers (like $10 for a set) that had bad volume knobs that were a bit loose after a while, but none stopped working or fell out.

    If want good quality for sound, you should keep the Windows volume up, and regulate the speakers with their volume control. Some places, like a guitar amp, you may want to do the opposite due to how the distortion and break up of the sound works for that type of amp. With regular speakers that just reproduce the sound without coloring it with their own electronics, you want to have the input be very solid.
  11. All right then,I think enough said.Everything is explained and it's all clear now.
    Thank you (ssddx,hang-the-9) for the help and your time to respond to my case , Really appreciate that.

    My Regards.
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