Headphone suggestion

Hi Guys,

I need a headphone for my iphone 4
Should i go with the earbud?
Or any other third party headphone?

My budget $30 approx
Need it with remote and mic
I basically use it for music and like soft as well as hip hop music.

Any suggestion...
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  1. Any headphone that presses foam pads against the ear can cause great pain, it cuts off the circulation of the ear. ouch.
  2. http://www.amazon.com/EarPollution-CS40-Headphones-Black-EP-CS40-BLK/dp/B002RL8V3S

    It's not bad. Has amazing bass, surprisingly, and is worth the low 30$.
  3. visit HookPrice dot com I am sure you will fined headphone in your budget. :kaola:
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