How to fine the ASP NET machine account administor password

:hello: Please help me My windows 7 laptop keeps asking for a ASP.NET machine account password to do stuff like add user account :fou: ! and I cant sownload itunes because of this please tell me how to fix this. All i have is the laptop and the charger ok no CDS OR ANYTHING JUST PLEASE HELP :bounce:
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  1. I can help you on this.....But why do you first not try to delete this account with administrator account. Or uninstall in the first place. account is a system generated one, and would have a random password.
  2. But what is the asp.NET account IS the administrator? :/
  3. No CD? Then buy one!
    But seriously, as a last resort, you can get a special one time use version of windows for 50$. Just google windows 7 OEM.
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