Gaming mic stetup Help plz

i have a pair of nice jcv headphones that dont have a mic on them. I need a mic for gaming online with others. I was thinking that i could buy a mic that goes on my desk instead of having a exspensive gaming headset with a giant mic right next to my face all the time. I would like to hear what you think about the idea before i go buy anything.
If you can tell me somthings that you know bout mics like the Frequency Response.


Which one u like?

Thanks again! :)
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  1. If I were you, I would get this clip on mic:

    If you really want a desktop mic, get the Logitech one.
  2. im thinking that the zalman will me on my chest so they wont be able to hear me as well.
    also it might not fit my cable of my headphone.

    so right now im thinking that i should get desk microphone.
  3. ive read some good review of it and some bad
  4. im going to get the logitech desk micro phone or the dctmci-48b which os on newegg for $5
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