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I'm helping a friend install XP on Sony VAIO VGN-T16RLP. Actually windows xp was successfully installed. However, can't find any driver. Infact, I can't even locate the model on sony web site. I was referred to Asia Pacific sony web site when I performed a search. I went to this recommended site and yet the model does not exist. This notebook looks like a netwbook. very frustrating. can't get to internet on it because no driver for wireless. no video and other drivers.
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  1. See if the wireless adapter is showing up at all in Device Manager (Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager) there may be a clue to the chipset maker (Broadcom, Intel etc) and if the chip model number is there look for a driver on the chip maker's site. Ditto video (always assuming you can see anything on the screen to start with).

    Otherwise throw yourself on the mercy of Sony -- somewhere in the organisation, somewhere in the world, there must be drivers for the damned thing.
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