126 Windows Updates! ! ?

Ive just got my new build - i3 3220, 4gb ram

I did a fresh install of windows 7, which was fine. Last night i went to turn the computer off and it said there were
122! updates to be installed

I turned the computer on this morning and it is crawling trying to open anything. I then tried to restart and it wanted to install a further 4 updates !!

Now i wanted to do all these updates to make sure its all up-to-date and running smooth but its done completely the opposite

ooo yeah and now my download speeds on certain programs have dropped to virtually nothing.

I know people say to do a restore before the updates installed, but then what?? surely this cant be right?

Any help?

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  1. sounds about right if going from the initial release to current. if i recall correctly microsoft said they were not going to release a service pack for win7, force everyone to update like you. My only suggestion is to avoid the language packs, they are truely optional, and in the past have caused probablems.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    Surely this should slow everything down as much as it has though? I thought the idea of updates was to increase performance if anything
  3. look in task manager to see if any process has the cpu at 100%
  4. Looked.

    Nothing in there at all. CPU shows minimal activity. Memory is sat around 1.5gb being used of 4GB.
  5. So most probably a lot of disc activity going on. Look if the HDD light on the cabinet is glowing.
    The update method by MS is sh!tty, but unfortunately you have to deal with it.
  6. Try defragging the hard drive. Installing that many updates will scramble your hard drive a bit.
  7. Yeah the hard drive is going mental and doesnt seem to settle but im not actually doing or trying to do anything on the computer?. So why would the hard drive be working so hard for nothing
  8. Oh and when you are looking at the system monitoring, make sure that the system processes are being shown too. Could be that there is a lot of drive indexing and stuff going on. Sometimes it isn't very obvious though what is causing all the drive activity (had to look at a Vista machine recently which was terrible for it, switched off all the indexing, prefetching etc and was still pretty bad, so could have been the antivirus on that occasion).
  9. it does do a lot of hard drive activity after the updates but not usually for more than about 15 minutes or so
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