Edifier S730 (2.1) vs Edifier S550 (5.1)

Hello I am currently looking for an upgrade from my old logitech 2.1 speakers (can't remember the model) i looked through most of. the mid quality stuff and found edifier. looked to be pretty promising...and i was wondering should i get the high quality 2.1s or just the medium quality 5.1s...i do mostly gaming and music on my computer sometimes movies....

as a side note feel free to offer any other speakers you may feel on par with or better my budget is around $400 Canadian

I can get the S730 for $278 (before shipping and taxes)
And i can get the S550 for $307 also before shipping and ect.
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  1. Try looking at the Corsair SP2500. They are meant for gaming.
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