Where to put surround speakers in an open room?

I just got in a house. Most of the first floor is a large open room, and my TV is next to a wall. My couch is a bit near the TV. I am like 8 feet from the TV. I have no clue where to put my surround speakers. The walls behind are at a distance of like 15 feet or more. Also, they are uneven. Using the ceiling seems out of the question, as I have one of those triangular house and ceiling is like 16 feet high. I am trying to find a way to install my surround speakers somewhere without having wires all over the place. Anyone has suggestions?
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  1. Your question is kind of difficult without the construction details of the room. If you are doing a 5.1 channel system then putting the speakers on the back wall will work but since they will be quite far behind you they have to be larger than most setups would need. You can use inwalls for this. Getting wire to them is a job for a av installer, electrician, or alarm guy. You can use a wireless transmitter to get the signal from the equipment cabinet to the rear and then only have to run wires from the wireless receiver to the speakers. You may need an amp to drive the rear speakers since this time of wireless setup is usually is not too powerful.
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