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I'm putting together a system to run Linux with 1 3GB SCSI drive and 1 6.4 GB IDE drive. Should I put all the system files on the SCSI drive and use the IDE drive just for data? Is there some other way I should split up the files? Does it matter?
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  1. proly just install everything onto one drive, unless you're ultra concerned about performance (rest of system should be a screamer then too).

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  2. Doesn't matter too much...

    I dunno how fast your particular drives are, but I'd maybe go for SCSI system (eg /, boot, swap) and IDE for /home /usr and /var... It really depends on where most of your files are going to live, because you'll fill that 3GB pretty fast. If you keep loads of junk/code/mp3/divx in /home you could even dedicate that whole ide disk to /home... it's your call really. Performance wise it probably won't matter a whole lot.

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