Monitors, Eyefinity, and You.

Pretty much what the title suggests fellas.

I was wondering what everyone is using for their Eyefinity Set-ups. Preferably 3 Screens around 20-28Inches.
I am looking into getting an Eyefinity setup and would like suggestions and also to see what the community is using.
Lets assume it uses a Radeon 6950, if that matters.

My current, and only Monitor is a Hannspree, 22Inch.

tl;dr: What monitor type/config do you use on your Eyefinity setup.
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  1. If you're looking to get into eyefinity, you could pick up two more Hannspree 22s. You'll need a passive display-port to DVI converter (1080p and lower) as when connecting 3 monitors to a single card, one has to use the mini-DP or DP port (depending on the card) for one of the monitors.

    Also, get the 2GB edition as more VRAM is better for rendering the higher-res imagery across multiple screen eyefinity setups.

    Here's a decent model of the 6950:
  2. ah, so the Hansprees would work as well as anything else? I wasnt sure if a certain monitor type would matter.

    Also, as far as resolution goes, is 1 Card enough for 3? Or is it going to Chug along?
    Id rather lower the resolution IF NEED BE than have it be like a slide show.
  3. Of course you'll get better performance with 2 cards in crossfire powering 3 monitors. There's an OK review out there showing framerates with 6950 eyefinity setups:

    For most people using eyefinity, they just accept the trade-offs. Sometimes you have to reduce the AA and lower the details a bit to span across all 3 monitors with acceptable performance. The video card is doing 3x the work to produce imagery for all 3 screens.

    Most people running eyefinity seem to love playing with that wide view. Immersive is most often the adjective used to describe the gameplay. It's pretty incredible. You can definitely crank up your eyefinity framerates with two cards crossfired.
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