Is the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 a good card for gaming?

i wish to buy a laptop for mainly gaming. the hp pavilion dv6 1260 artist edition. wound the card run new games?
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  1. 4650M is a mid-range card for gaming,so it can handle games fine on medium settings
  2. thanks
  3. you are welcome :)
  4. I wouldn't call it a good gaming card, but it's a decent gaming card. Some newer games you may want to run in DX9 mode with that card. Still, it should allow you to play some of the more demanding games with medium settings, and less demanding ones at high settings
  5. That's why i called it a "mid-range" card
  6. wud the card run direct x 10.?
  7. Its a DX10.1 card,so yes it support games with DX10/10.1
  8. tanks but expenses turned up cant buy this one again so i'm still lookin 4 a good laptop. saw hp Compaq with 512 cards mite have to settle for one of that. thanks ne way. if u can keep an eye out 4 ne btwn 700-800
  9. would this ati card- 512MB ATI Mobility Radeon(TM) HD545v Graphics and 5-in-1 integrated & HDMI -run modern games like cod6 and prototype
    and what is a Digital Media Reader
  10. You may want to check this first to have a look at the projected performance of that mobile GPU chip.

    Digital Media Reader - i think its a card reader that supports different formats (SD, MMC, etc)
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