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PC Works Fine, But No Monitor/Video Signal

My friend's computer was struck by lightning through the Ethernet cable we assume, as she has a very good surge protector. The motherboard is an ASRock K7S41GX with integrated graphics (64MB).

She's not interested in getting a new computer, so we're hoping to simply fix this one and go with that. Is replacing the entire motherboard a sure way of fixing the problem? I can get one for $30 from eBay.

The PC works fine, and I could actually see (with increased contrast and brightness on the monitor) the desktop and could even check email, etc. Thanks for your help!
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    Well, if you have to crank up brightness and contrast just to be able to read the screen, the video on the motherboard is definitely putting out a weakened signal. Replacing the motherboard is definitely not a sure thing, though you could try it. Hopefully, the processor and power supply are not fried to some extent as well.

    $30 seems reasonable to get it working again. With a lightening strike that's clearly damaged the PC, I'd also recommend replacing the power supply as well.
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