Conflict with programmable interrupt controller and drive not accessible? window

cdr not working. help
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  1. Go Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager and see if the drive shows up or if there is a yellow fault warning -- may be an IRQ/Interrupt/Memory address issue.

    Odd though, CD drives don't usually do that, so it may be a new device you've added lately.
  2. thank u. I will try that. Its not new hardware. Its the stock cdr drive that came with the gateway. could a malfunction in the drive cause it? This is actually a friends laptop. she is running windows 98. she should be running xp with a 1 gig processor I would think and 1 meg of memory.
    Im not sure but I think win 98 doesnt load drivers automatically? Maybe she lost the drivers? I don't know... I do appreciate the help and will forward the info to my friend. Thanks again. :hello:
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