Windows 7x64 Freezes with loud popping/buzzing sounds


Everytime i watch a video or movie on my laptop, it starts freezing and makes a screeching sound from speakers
i updated the drivers, but nothing seems to be working, my husband says the motherboard is damaged and needs to be replaced, but it is going to cost me a fortune. Can anyone please advise me on what else to do.

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  1. what are you playing it in?

    try vlc player
  2. I play it vlc, media player and windows player, still does the same thing...

    Please advise.
  3. try playing it in safe mode

    if its ok there then its likely to be a software problem not hardware
  4. I tried doing windows updates, still no luck. I'm using windows vista 7. Do have any idea on how i could upgrade the software, or website i could download it from?
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