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Major Project/parts machines from overseas. They have been converted.
Most of these machines are board complete but probably won't boot. Many
have components missing from the boards. Usually the bridges and caps.
A couple missing chips. Won't have DMD.

Email direct with questions. Please no pictures just yet. Prioity given
to people who show up in person. Located just north of Columbus, Ohio


911 - 500 translight copy/no speaker plastic/flipper wear/not
booting/makes noises

Apollo 13 -1000 no translight,driver board/severe cabinet damage

Apollo 13 -1000 missing: boards, translight,rocket,speakers, speaker

Batman Forever 1000 missing chips in CPU board/mostly complete

Batman Forever 1000 missing: chips on CPU board/ nice cabinet

Batman Forever 1000 bad CPU board

Black Rose -600 missing:DMD, translight, speaker
panel,flippers/playfield wear

Demo man -600 missing: right ramp, display, translight, speaker panel
plastic, sling shots/water damaged cabinet

Demo man 600 missing: cars/ translight copy/

Demo man 600 missing: speaker panel / bad driver board

Dirty Harry 600 missing:, translight/water damaged cabinet/bad flipper
board/kickout wear

Independence Day 500 missing:, speaker panel/ translight copy/ bad

Independence Day 400 missing: boards , speaker panel/ parts game

Indy 500 900 missing:two targets,diverter,car/translight copy/ fade/bad

Johnny mnemonic 600 missing: buy in button, speaker plastic / bad
boards:driver, display

Johnny mnemonic 600 missing:buy in button, speaker plastic,pop
bumper/faded/hand broken and missing/bad boards: light driver,
display, flipper

Last Action Hero 400 missing: translight/ cabinet damage/ scoop
wear/bad PPB/ bad power supply/ nice playfield

Lethal weapon 3 400 missing: PPB/no power supply/decent playfield

Lethal weapon 3 400 missing: translight, speaker panel/ bad PPB/ water

pinball magic 1000 missing: translight, a board,some stuff

space jam 300 missing: boards, lots of parts/ parts game

star trek 1000 severe water damage/no translight/bad flipper board

twilight zone 1700 not faded/ no translight/ driver board bad/ flipper
board bad/flipper wear/major scoop wear

twister 400 missing:some parts,translight/bad power driver boards

twister 300 missing: translight, driver board, some parts

twister 400 missing: some stuff, translight, speaker panel

X- Files 400 bad driver board (missing component chips)
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  1. Archived from groups: rec.games.pinball (More info?)

    Even though Trent list these as projects, most of these are decent
    lookers for the price. I was up there a few weeks back and they all
    looked pretty nice. Definitly would give you something to work on in
    the upcomming winter months.
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