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My system went on the blink a few days ago and I've been trying to diagnose the problem. When I start it up the fans spin up but nothing else happens. I've eliminated all of the components except the motherboard and the CPU (P4 3.2 gHz).

Now today I doscovered that if I turn it on without the CPU fan touching the CPU it starts to boot and then does a thermal shutdown (I think). If fan touches the CPU then I get the old behavior. Is my CPU fried or is the fan the culprit?

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  1. fan touches the cpu?

    Did you take out the heatsink?

    The heatsink must be between the cpu and the the fan.

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  2. Are you sure this board is grounded? Take it out and re-mount it. Check out your power supply, but for God sakes don't try and run it without a heatsink on the CPU! :frown:

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  3. have you tried reseating the processor?

    btw, what in hell possesed you to run without the HSF???

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  4. I have a Zalman CPU cooler where the fan and heatsink are one unit. So it is the heat sink that's touching the CPU.

    You inspired me to try it with the fan unplugged but the heat sink on the CPU. This didn't work either and ruled out the short theory as the heatsink was electrically isolated.

    Further experimentation found that it seems to be pressure. If I screw the heat sink down, or even press gently on it, it ceases to work. If I just rest the heat sink on the cpu it works fine.
  5. Mostly because I already thought the CPU was dead. It was a last ditch attempt to figure out if I should try to RMA the board or the CPU.

  6. RMA it b4 you void your waranty by tinkering with your cpu =)

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  7. remvoe the cpu and check for any bent/broken pins

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  8. Ditch the Zalman for a while and put the stock HSF back on(unless of course you bought the oem chip. Heh).

    Lots of aftermarket hsfs are just too heavy(and it can be too heavy for your particular setup even if it weighs less than the Intel certified maximum weight)
  9. Must be having a fault issue with the HSF. Try COMPLETELY uninstalling the HSF and CPU. Clean them both and also the CPU socket. Then reinstall the cpu and HSF. Make sure that HSF is not touching any component on the mobo PCB.

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