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I have been running a amd2100+,MSI mobo (nforce chipset), GeForce4 Ti42000, and 512 SDRAM. I have recently decided to build a new computer. I am not new to building computers and I know my way around them. I am looking to build a computer for mainly gaming but other things also...

Here is what i was thinking of building...
Amd64 3400+
MSI K8N Neo Platinum or ASUS K8V (I have heard the epox boards are good also)
Corsair XMS Extreme Memory 512MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz (x2)
ATI Radeon 9800XT 256MB

I am not on a budget although i cannot afford going into the AMD64 FX series. I have planned to invest into better RAM for overclocking purposes. I have already purshased a case and have 5 (not including CPU fan) fans already installed. I have also installed system/fan monitoring. If you have any suggestions/comments it would be great. thx!
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  1. Intel is slatted to drop prices one step on thier top chips on Aug 18, Amd is sure to follow. You might also want to check out Ati's upgrade program, for a great price on your graphics card. What can I say, I'm a cheap ba stard.
  2. where can i find out about the ATI upgrade program
  3. Ship, they changed it. Oh well the 9800pro 128 meg is a steel at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
  4. If you're going to overclock, you'll want the nForce3 250, and the best board I know of to use it so far is the MSI K8N Neo Platinum.

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  5. For a little more than the 9800xt you can get an x800 pro, which nearly doubles the performance in some benchmarks.

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