Processor upgrade for Epox 8k7a+ AMD 761 chipset

Hi group,

I've been out of the whole processor loop since I built my PC back in August 2001. I'm currently running an Athlon at 1.4 GHz on an EpOx 8k7a+, which has the AMD 761 chipset.

I do some gaming (GFX: Radeon 9500) as well as a good deal of audio encoding, and would love a performance boost.

Looking online a bit - I see Athlon XP w/the T-Bred core on newegg for ~$75, heat sink included. The questions:

1) Would I see a sig. performance increase (gaming, audio encoding) by upgrading from the 1.4 T-Bird to say an 2400+ T-Bred?

2) Do I need to upgrade my RAM to see the performance increase? I have 512 mb, PC1600 I think.

3) Any significant pitfalls to avoid?

<b>1.4 Ghz AMD T-Bird underclocked to 1 Ghz...just to be safe!</b>
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  1. Epox says the max supported chip is the xp2200+ model 8. This is probably because the chipset maker didn't give further support. Just the same, this chip should run cooler, and give a huge upgrade.
  2. yes a faster cpu would be good.
    not sure exactly how fast you can go with that.
    Maybe a XP-M mobile cpu for cool running and free multipliers.

    Also, ditch that PC1600 ram and get some decent PC2100 stuff, or even PC2700 run at PC2100 spee dwith hardest mem timings. should be dirt cheap mowerdays.

    For encoding stuff you do want lots of memory bandwidth and low latencies.

    Unfortunately with that chipset you are limited to 133fsb.

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