"No Keyboard Detected", but all 3 of keyboard's LED lights are open?!


Today, while I was deleting a file on my computer using the Shift + Del command, my computer let out one long beep, and the display (and the keyboard, and the mouse) froze.

I tried to reboot, and I noticed that all 3 of the keyboard's LEDs (Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock) are open, but my screen displayed a "No keyboard Detected, press F1 to continue" error.

This error is somewhat ironic because I can't really "press F1 to continue" since, you know, my keyboard keys aren't working, but it's making me wonder what happened because even though the keyboard keys aren't working, all the keyboards LED lights are open.

Keyboard: Genius KB-110

Any idea what's going on?
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  1. Unplug and replug the KB with PC off. Failure of that redo with PC on.
    Is this a wireless KB ? Check batteries.
  2. maybe you delete the usb controller driver try this keyboard as a ps2 and see if system will detect it
  3. I tried to "replug" it. It doesn't work.

    And I can't get past the boot screen.

    Genius KB - 110 is a PS/2 keyboard.
  4. KB can die too, cheapest to replace, get one that has USB to PS/2 connector included, or just connect USB.
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