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I was considering buying a 2nd hand HP Pavilion dv9206eu (2GB RAM), for home use (movies, music) but specifically to run AutoCAD, Microstation XM V8, Photoshop etc. But I've now realised the processer is only 1.6ghz and that the geforce card is not good for CAD? I want an upgrade from my PC that I built 9yrs ago (AMD Athlon 1.8, Nvidia MX440 64MB, 2GB RAM) it is sometimes sluggish in CAD & forget rendering not even possible- but on a very low budget. PC is presently having problems with Microstation (drawn lines would disappear on screen, updated nvidia driver, lines now appear sporadically, but now leaves a pixelated trail??) Would this laptop also have problems running CAD, and should I really be looking at upgrading whichever laptop I get to a nvidia quadro fx card? Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. What kind of budget are you working with?
  2. buwish said:
    What kind of budget are you working with?

    I really dont want to spend more than £300...
    i've just been made redundant so money is tight...
    and I need the laptop to work better with CAD than my PC so I can go freelance....

    hence the need to buy second hand...I'll even build the laptop if need be, though I've heard this can actually cost more?
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