Laptop to play MMO's

Hey guys i need a laptop that can mainly play MMO's and some Strategy games on the go mainly.

Was thinking if this sony vaio would be any good for that

Corei5 2,40mhz

6 gigs ram ddr3

ati mobility 5650 1gig GDDR3

WOuld apreciate any input you can give me

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  1. Those specs look good,but how much do you want to spend ? you may be able to find better options
  2. Not sure how the 5650 compares, but my laptop with 2.26GHz i5, 6GB RAM and Nvidia 330GT plays Age of Conan and DDO OK so far with medium to high settings (along with single-player games like GTA4, Mass Effect, Oblivion) so if the 5650 is at least as fast then I'd think it would handle most MMOGs competently.
  3. thanks for the reply's.

    Well because is mainly for MMO's trying to keep it as low as possible maybe within the 1000$ mark.

  4. Since bestbuy links doesn't usually work,go to and search for "G60JX-RBBX05"
    It costs $855 and has a more powerful VGA.
  5. yeah thanks man thats really good thanks for finding that

  6. You are welcome :)
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