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I have a Toshiba a215-s7422, and I can't get it to turn on. When I press the power on switch, nothing happens.

I just tried to turn it on one day and nothing happened. This unit has always run hot.

I dismantled it and tested the fuse and cleaned the fan. There are no burn marks, nothing was loose. I didn't see any visual indication that something happened.

Last night, I reassembled it, plugged it in and put the battery in to charge it. I have steady blue battery and ac adapter lights on the front panel. The front panel lights remain steady, but I get no indication that the computer is trying to turn on.

Is there a way to test the power on switch and the motherboard?

I appreciate any suggestions.
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    It can be hard to troubleshoot such an issue. Chances are that because it has always ran hot, something may have "melted" on the motherboard (at least that is what it is acting like to me). It sounds like the power system is alright, as you would not be getting an indicator light that it is charging. If you want to take a look at the power switch, pay close attention to the contacts going from the switch to the motherboard. If you see something a bit off, chances are that the wire was damaged due to heat.
  2. Thanks for responding. Checking the wire is something I had not considered. I'll look into that tonight.

    Thanks for your help.
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  4. i have the same problem to
    when i plug and unplug the battery the lights indicator is working, all light indicator is all ok when i try it
    but the laptop is still can't turn on. nothings working accept the light indicator

    some things is weird
    some times i carge it again and tri to turn it on
    it works normal nothings wrong

    but next day when i turn it off and then try to turn it on again
    i'm frustrated :cry:

    thank's for the respond
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