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Is something wrong with my mouse?

I've recently noticed that my mouse does't feel right. The tracking isn't smooth at all anymore. When I move my mouse slowly, the screen/cursor doesn't move smoothly, instead it kind of twitches. It's really hard to explain so I recorded some footage.

As you can see in the video, when I move my mouse slowly, the screen starts to twitch as it moves, but when I move it fast, the twitch is gone. I don't even bother playing anymore because it is such an annoyance.

I'm using the Razer Deathadder BE and the Razer Goliathus Mouse pad and think both might be causing this. IWhat do you guys think? I was also wondering if the Logitech G500 and the SteelSeries QcK were good replacements. Thanks
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  1. The link opens, but no video. Check the mouse surface. If it is the top of a desk, or a bad mouse pad, that could be the source of the problem.

    I had a similar issue where the mouse pointer was erratic. The problem was the desktop surface. I placed a piece of thick file folder under the mouse and the problem disappeared.
  2. Idk why the video won't work for you. It's fine for me.

    And It happens on my desk and on the mouse pad. But more noticeably on the pad.
  3. Based on what you say above, try the mouse on a file folder paper surface.
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    it could be the bottom of your mouse...

    did you wear the pads off? are they clean? sometimes the mouse sticks to/grinds against the mouse pad surface or table top which will cause the mouse to hang up slightly during slow movements. quick movements overcomes the friction so it doesnt appear like theres an issue. my mouse at work does this all the time since i'm not using a pad. you want the friction between the surface and the mouse to be as low as possible.

    it could be your mouse surface...

    optical/laser mice don't like clear or glossy surfaces. also some repetitive patterns/gradients can cause erratic performance on occassion. i always use just a plain jane cloth pad.

    it could be your polling rate...

    if you're putting the usb bus under heavy pressure perhaps it is lagging the mouse movements. you could try usb->ps/2.

    it could be your dpi settings...

    if your dpi rate is too high you might get micromovements which look "jittery". if your dpi rate is really low you might also have issues as well.
  5. I cleaned the bottom of the mouse because I think that was the problem based on the way you explained it. It does seem better. Maybe it's just in my head though.

    I just tried Metro 2033 and another weird thing was happening with the mouse. This is much more serious though. IDK what it is, but it's really bad. It doesn't happen all the time. You can see the the frames kind of freeze/skip or something.

    I'm playing at max settings in 720p and don't go below 30 fps. I usually am around 40 to 60.
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