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Disengaging dual grapics on inherited computers

I have ingherited 10 Dell Optiplex 745 computers with operating systems wiped out. I am trying to install new operatingsystems (XP) and new network cards, but the computers have video cards installed that do not let me see the monitor. If I take the card out, I can see the moniotor, but I am unable to load the operaing system when the card is removed. Any suggetions?
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  1. If you take the video card out, what is the monitor connected to? The on-board video?
  2. PhilFrisbie said:
    If you take the video card out, what is the monitor connected to? The on-board video?

    Yes, the monitor defaults to the on-board video card and I am able to get the monitor to read, but the CR ROM drive will not read the install disk for my operating system. When the ATI card is installed, I do not know if the operating system will install because the monitor only shows that the computer is set for dual graphics.
  3. OK, let's step back to the CD issue for a moment.

    Is your OS on a CD or DVD?
    What is the exact type of disc (R, RW, etc.)?
    Is the drive a CD or CD/DVD?
  4. I have the software on a DVD-R. The drive in the machine is a DVD R/RW drive. I downloaded the software form Microsoft Volume Licensing site where I purchased the license. I am downgrading to XP, my preferred operating system. I used the DVD-R in 2 other similar machines with perfect results. They had not been marked "DUAL Graphics" the way the other machines that were donated are, although they have the same ATI card in them. When I put the DVD-R into one of the successful machines the software and its setup application show up.
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    Try a new optical drive in the computers that have issues. The fact that they use one type of video card or another has nothing to do with them reading disks. It's like turning off the lights because something in the kitchen smells bad.
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