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I'm interested in picking up a new laptop in the next month or so and I plan on using it quite a lot to develop my photos with photoshop while I'm on the road. I love the idea of using on of Dell's RGBLED displays, but it looks like they aren't selling them at the moment. So my question to the board is which laptop currently available has the best screen for color correction?
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  1. I'd recommend an OLED screen (if Dell even sells those- if not a LED screen works just as well). In comparison to say a standard LCD, I find OLED's to be a bit crisper, but that is just me. Try googling for a comparison of the technology currently used in laptop screens and you'll be able to firmly commit on a screen.
  2. ? Macbook ?? BY far THE BEST DISPLAY U FIND on a LAPTOP
  3. + if u on the ROAD the macbook PRO makes so MUCH Sense coz its really portable for its power and the battery life is 10 hours hands down
  4. If you are serious about photography and color accuracy, look at the lenovo W series (w501, w701, w701ds) - pantone color calibration, optional palmrest digitizer, dual screens on the ds.
  5. Zhemin you are severely misinformed. The Dreamcolor displays available on the higher end HP Elitebooks such as the 8540w are by far the best displays money can buy on a laptop. If you see one in person you will realize it blows everything, including Macbook Pro's with the HD screens, out of the water.

    Take a look:$1,425.00

    The dreamcolor displays are Full HD 1920x1080 LED backlit and are absolutely stunning to use.
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