Annoying but interesting problem on Lifebook S6010


I am re-installing Windows XP Pro on my girlfriends laptop. The Fujitsu Lifebook S6010. Everything is fine apart from the hotkeys. They are working but for some reason the are controling the internal PC system speaker and not the sound card? Have installed all the drivers and the hotkey utility. Any suggestions? Am slowly going insane hehe

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  1. Very interesting problem indeed. Sounds like there is a bit of a driver conflict going on. Try uninstalling the hot key driver, as well as the sound card driver. Then re-download and install the sound card driver first and then the hot keys.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I tried that had it still hasn't worked sadly :-(. When the clen install of windows finished it already detects the sound card. The hot keys also work without any installation. I disabled the sound card then install the drivers and then re-installed with the ones from the Fujitsu website. Finally then installing the hotkey drivers.

    Have tired many different combinations and can't even plug an external keyboard in the the laptop because of the way it is build as has no ps/2 port.

    Have been thinking that maybe there is a way to tell the laptop that this is what to control and not the pc speaker.
  3. Can you disable the PC speaker in the BIOS/device manager?
  4. Thanks for the reply :-)

    There is no setting in the bios to diable the pc speaker and when I disable it in Windows device manager it still beeps with the functions mute/ change volume keys. :-(

    Don't understand what is wrong never experianced anything like it!!
  5. To be honest, I'm perplexed here. Perhaps an e-mail or call to the laptop manufacturer's support crew is in order (if it is free, of course). Maybe they can shed some light on the situation. If they do, inform us, as I am a bit curious as what is going on as well.
  6. Update :-)

    Had almost given up on this problem when I disvovered that now the hotkeys are working fine!!! The only problem that there is now is that there is still the annoying beep when unmuting the sound card. Also when muting it will mute the sound card but windows doesn't detect it is muted. The keys seam to be controling the card independently of windows. Not sure if that is supposed to happen but could easily live with it if can get rid of that beep. ;-) The volume of the beep also changes with the volup/down keys and it will now not come through the speakers if you insert headphones into the laptop. Just not sure why it would make a beep when unmuting unless it is supposed to do that but it is REALLY annoying. lol
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