Bought new Laptop and it has game problems :(((

Hi guys,
week ago i bought a new laptop- Acer Aspire 5740G-434g64mn

Here are its statistics:

Intel Core i5 processor 430M 2,26 Ghz, 3MB L3 cache
Ati Radeon Mobility HD 5650 1024 Ram DDR3
640 GB HDD
OS: Windows 7 Professional 32 bit

...and some other extras, you can check it here: (ofc there are other websites you can check it as well).

So, after i bought it, i was feeling like i was in paradise...for 15 minutes or so.
After I installed World of Warcraft, I was amazed by the unchaging 60 fps on absolutely everything maxxed(Multisample,shadow effects,texture detail and so)

For 15 minutes everything was perfect. Then the game froze for half a second and continued. And after that these freezes...they just kept occuring.

Now,by a "freeze" i mean that the game STOPS for about 1-4 seconds-i am unable to do anything. Then the game catches up in the action (and in most cases, if this happens in a battleground, I find myself dead). The freezes are completely random, sometimes they won't occur for half an hour,sometimes they are every minute.

I lowered down the graphics to the minimum,but this problem still exist :(

I have this very Problem on Team Fortress 2, too (mind that the game is completely Legal). However, I don't have it in almost any of the Single Player games: Assassin's Creed 2, Prince of Persia, which makes no sense, since the latter require greater CPU and GPU usage.

I can tell you some of the problems that other people suggested, but I really want to hear your opinion.
What can this problem be? I had the laptop tested back at the market I bought it from, and they told me that on the test it showed that there were no hardware problems.

Please,pretty please, help me. I am being quite desperate at the moment :(
Thank you in advance. If you have any suggestions or (even better) Solutions! Please post them here.
Thank you again.

P.S. I posted another topic here, some people tried to help, but unfortunately, nothing of what they told me to do proved to work :(
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  1. Have you tried updating the driver for the graphics card via ATI's support site? If not, give that a go and see if that helps. On a side note, what sort of temps is the laptop putting out? You can download a free app like RealTemp or Speedfan to gauge the temps. I ask because it seems like it could be getting a bit hot, hence the lag and Acers are known for temperature issues.
  2. Ok, so I have tried my laptop with 3 different Ati drivers:my native ones(the one that come with the acer dvd), 10_5 for non-mobility, 10_5 mobility and i am currently with 10_6 mobility (it was released while my laptop was at the service,being checked). So it can't be the ati drivers...i suppose...Unless everything is great on some previous version which i don't know.

    The Temperature gets up to 76 degrees C (i think this was the highest temp i've seen).
    Tonight i was playing with a maximum of 69, 65 avrg.
    (I have HW_Monitor Installed).
  3. Internet lag??? Seems likely as it works fine on single player. Hook your laptop up to wired internet and try.

    If you are leeching from a neighbors internet thats definitely the issue.
  4. it is not is FPS drop-the fps gets down to 0,i know what is server Latency.
    And I am not leeching Net from my neighbours ;/
    I have a cable Modem, usually download with 2 MGB/s
    I stand corrected about the heat: Maximum is 79 C, but i suppose that Acer's warm a bit higher than the other laptops.

    I tried My WoW and TF2 in 3 different NET situations:
    -Mine at home, Cable Modem
    -At friend's House, he has Wireless and shared some with me
    -At my dad's Work, the Net there is really fast (something like a dedicated network)

    On all 3 Networks i have the same issues.
  5. The temperature of what is 79C? That temp is bad for a CPU, but fine for a GPU.
  6. Ok people, I am pleased to tell you that :


    A dude with the Nick Drhank solved my problem (on the WoW Forums).


    And from there download the program quietHDD (bottom of the page, the forum chat.

    I don't know what it does, but it solved all freezes: NO MORE FREEZES!
    Thank you for your efforts,make sure to tell about this other people with my problems as well!
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