Dell Ultrasharp U2711

After much deliberation, I finally decided to get the Dell U2711 for my 3 monitor Nvidia surround set up.

I'm choosing the U2711 for 3 reasons:

1. I am building a new workstation in October for my editing, and I do need IPS monitors with impeccable quality control.
2. @ 27", it's a great size for the resolution, I couldn't bare to look at 1920x1080 at that size.
3. Gaming, I want to have a 3 monitor gaming set up for BF3 and SWTOR. I was going to just get 3 cheap monitors for my gaming rig, but I figure, why waste money? I need to get at least 1 IPS for my new workstation anyways. If you're wondering how a 3 monitor U2711 gaming set up looks, check this out: Yeah I'm sold.

Oh and 7680x1440 is pretty sick.

Few questions: Does anyone know if this monitor has ghosting issues? What exactly is the bezel width? Does anyone own this monitor that can give me some insights on gaming? And what is the best color calibrator tool out there, I've heard a few good things about a brand called "Spyder?"
annd what's the cheapest place to get these, used with no dead pixels is ok.
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  1. I own the monitor and the bezel is of normal width. Gaming is fine, no ghosting on my end. I use it mostly for photography work and am very pleased.

    I purchased mine off Amazon new for $800.
  2. Good to hear, so you enjoy it? Do you know any good multi-monitor unistands?

    If this stays under $600, it would be very agreeable:
  3. I have very happy with it. I don't know of any cheap multi-monitor stands or one qualified for the size of this monitor.
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