Need Help with System

Hey everyone :)

I just purchased some parts to upgrade my PC system. Here's the specs:

AMD Athlon 64 3000+
1 Gigabyte Corsair XMS PC3200 Memory
Antec Mid Tower Sonata w/provided 380W PS
NVidia GeForce 4 Ti4600
Western Digital 60 Gig HD 2mb Cache
MSI Neo Platinum Motherboard

My main concern is the hard drive. I've heard that 8mb is a lot better than 2mb cache, but is it worth shelling out the extra 80 bucks for it? Also, before I was using an Athlon XP 2000+ CPU. How much of a noticable performance increase can I expect with the AMD 64 3000+ chip?

Anything you guys can offer to increase the overall performance of my PC will be appreciated!


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  1. $80.00? For 8mb over 2mb? Get a Samsung with 8mb cache and don't look back. :smile:

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  2. I think he means $80 for a new drive. I'm not too fond of the WD 2 meg jobs, the first 6 Ibought all went south in a few months, then all the rma returns failed. Maybe bad luck. Now I just use the 8 meg drives bothe WD and Seagate. No problems there.
  3. Better HDD will gives better loading time! But once, you will be in a game, your HDD (even with onle 2 Megs of cache) will not affect your performance. And since you have 1Gig of RAM, your system should not "SWAP" too much!

    Of course, if you have money to spend a 8Megs HDD is not a bad thing to buy!

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  4. Not to mention a 3-year warranty. Other than the performance, that is the best thing about buying the 8MB cache versions of WD hard drives.

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  5. I got a WD 80 GB w/8 MB, and I can really tell the performance of that, and my WD 40 GB w/2 MB. The performance really shows in games, and large files.
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