Sony VAIO Laptop won\'t boot

my sony vaio vpcyb2m1e won't boot. Gets past the splash screen and then says preparing your computer for first use. However I shut the lid and opened it back up and now I am at a logon screen which says administrator logged on but when I click on it says - your account has been disabled. Please see your system administrator.

Any ideas? Virus?
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  1. Is this a new laptop, the first time you have used it?

    Shut it down completely with the power button (hold it about 10 seconds) and wait a few seconds. Then power it up again. If it still says the administrator is logged in you will have to get the administrator password or completely re-install the operating system, restoring it to as-new. This should let you set your own password again and continue using the laptop.
  2. Thanks - Think I will have to factory restore.
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