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I have a Bose Companion 3 computer speaker system. It has worked fine for past 5 yrs but now has stopped working. The volume pod light...amber/green does not work. Opened back of subwoofer and fuse looks fine. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
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  1. If you have a Bose Factory Store near you, you could go in and ask them about it. It's a discontinued set now so they may have a factory renewed set that they could offer you a discount on. I just bought a factory renewed set of the Companion 3 and if the control pod is the only problem, they could just order a new one of those perhaps.

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  2. I may be late, but i've fixed this very same thing today, and made a vidéo to show you how I fixed it. Kinda. But it work great now. No quality loss. Check it here:
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