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Hi, i am planning to purchase a Wireless Gaming mouse. i like logitech G700 very much but i am not sure about LAG....... I find at some forum that i show slight lag and also a CURSOR IR RESPONSIVENESS when it turn on from Sleep mode........
Kindly give me your recommendations and also confirm abt this fault or lag.......
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  1. I think Razer Mamba is your best choice or Sidewinder x8 if you can't afford the Razer
  2. i used an older mx1000 laser wireless mouse (and keyboard) for years and there wasn't any difference in performance between that and my current wired mouse. i was running it off the ps/2 port.

    there is a very slight delay when the mouse goes into sleep mode before it starts registering movement again. its only a fraction of a second but it is noticeable. to overcome this you get used to micromoving the mouse every little bit to prevent sleep mode from activating. i used to play many such games with the mouse and performance was not hampered at all. in fact you get so used to it that you dont even think about it.

    i'm not sure how well the razer does in terms of wireless performance.. i was just giving a general review of wireless mice vs wired for you to gain some insight.
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