Which 2 gaming mouses are better (Need your input)

Basically the Gigabyte has 6000DPI but i probably wont be using it, but it looks a lot awesomer but the razer is also high recommended.

What would you buy and why???



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  1. Most people who play first-person shooters (FPSs) like low DPI (200-400). Low DPI allows you to hone in on targets while eliminating jerky motions. You will rarely switch to DPI above 1200 for any reason while gaming. For example, while I'm running around the map and looking around in Medal of Honor, I'll switch the DPI to 800 or 1200, but when it comes time to start shooting, I'll switch to 200DPI.

    A good FPS gaming mouse is the Logitech G500. It will go up to 5700 and down to 200. It has good button placement and allows dpi switching on the fly from easily accessible buttons on the top-side of the mouse. Also, has 1000/s polling capability. No lag. You should consider this one.
  2. I'm not really a big fan of the g500....
  3. you don't need a crazy high dpi value since you will not use it.

    i typically stay in the range of 450-800 and i stay with that throughout. there really is no reason to switch up once you get used to how a mouse performs

    a high polling rate is only suggested if you use it on a usb port since this will allow it to override the other traffic utilizing the usb bus. if you plug it into the ps/2 with an adapter polling isn't required.


    i use a razer deathadder myself. good button placement, good size, good performance. the only thing i dont care for is the rubberized finish. if you get a little bit of dust on the mouse it feels "gritty". cleaning every once in awhile eliminates this feeling though. pair it up with a cloth mousepad and you're set.
  4. I'm not worried about the DPI AT ALL. But what mouse seems more reliable? I think i'll end up with a death adder. or a logitech g9x? this gigabyte has some reliablity things going on though
  5. True. While Gigabyte is a great manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, they are definitely not known for their input devices.

    Given the two options you're now considering, the g9x is a great choice.
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