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I have a set of old speakers and an old cassette deck. The speakers have bi-wire connectors (4 each speaker, for wires) and the deck has only two outs, one right and one left (RCA/Stereo analog?).

I'm attaching the two pics of the backs. I'm having a brain farz.

Can someone help me connect these speakers to this deck? I am not connecting a woofer to this setup, just want to play cassettes on the two speakers. I know these speakers are overkill for the deck. Thanks!!

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  1. You need an amp/receiver to drive those speakers? The deck is connected to the amp/receiver then via speaker wire from amp/receiver to speakers
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    Pretty nice speakers, they were fairly expensive when they cam about about 20 years ago. You will need a decent amp to drive those speakers, 50-200 watts at 4 ohms.

    Also, it has an extra set of terminals so the can be bi-amped. I would check out the KEF website on instructions on how to wire them.

    Happy listening, the Prisoner.
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