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I have a problem. I own a Dell Latitude D505, witch is working but the motherboard is almoust dead, the other components (CPU, LCD, HDD , Video card and memory DDR are working perfectly). Now I bought a working motherboard, the base of an Latitude D510 (motherboard+CPU+heatsink+fan an lower plastics). I would like to change the working display(LCD) from the D505 on the D510. First problem I saw, was with the memory, D505 uses DDR and D510 uses DDR2. The next problem, the LCD connectors left, the two tubes are smaller, and as I see the LCD plug is smaller as the motherboard connector. HDD fits, CPU is already in, Video card already in, DVD-RW fits, and keyboard fits too. Can someone please tell me if there is any way to connect the D505 lcd display to the D510 motherboard ? Are there any adapters? Thanks !

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  1. ok, I found out that the left connectors(tubes) are from the Wifi antenna. That's no problem, but now how about the display plug? can it be changed ?
  2. Hi
    Please buy another LCD cable that fits D 510 and when you fix the LCD of D505 change the whole lcd cable that you buy
    I hope this will help
    Thank You
  3. i think he got his problem fixed. this was 2 and a half years ago :D
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