TV not recognizing HDMI connection from PC

My all in one Gateway computer only recognizes one monitor. Attempting to connect via hdmi port. Any suggestions
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  1. What methods did you use for connecting TV? Many system don't recognize and reroute display signal to TV automatically. You have to activate the port by changing your display setting.

    Right-click on desktop (windows background screen)
    Click screen resolution, or nvdia/any other specific display driver name
    If the second monitor (TV) doesn't show up, click detect
    Click the diaplay drop-down menu
    Select your TV, or dual display
  2. Still no recognition. Drop down only shows 1 (main) display
  3. Did you click "detect"?

    On TV, what input did you select? There must be HDMI 1, HDMI 2, ...

    You may need to download display driver, but since the PC already have HDMI, it must have driver for that. Read the owner's manual for display section. You can find more information specific to your PC.
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